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The canvas is a fabric, a mixture of linen and cotton, which is prepared to deposit paint. My passion for textiles and prints led me to make curtains: soft paintings that could be worn like a garment, a large coat in the colors of time, alternately suspended as a curtain, bed throw, hung on the floor. Wall.

I found old sheets from my great-grandmother and dyed them with indigo in my workshop. In India, I found a fabric in a local market and I painted on the roof terrace of my guest house. The curtains roll and unroll, stretch and crumple, they live and travel as much as I do, to other houses.

Le Studio Nomade, created with the photographer Thomas Millet, stages the hangings and canvases of the XXL series in order to offer portraits to families of heart or blood who have come to pose in front of the camera. An artistic immersion offered to businesses, cultural centers, festivals, individuals, all over the world ... /

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