• Fine Art print, numbered and signed
  • Edition of 25, format 24x30 cm
  • Pigment inks on Cotton paper 300g

Flower Power

  • Based on the original canvas of the XXL Flower Power series, île de Ré, 200x250 cm, private collection.


    Flower Power is a tribute to a line of women artists who have always inspired me with their work and their lives, their faith in painting, their demands and their perseverance, their struggle. Among them, Sonia Delauney, Judy Chicago (Through the flower), Joni Mitchel, Helen Frankenthaler, but also Kiki Smith, Louise Bourgeois, Niki de Phalles, Frida Kalho... and so many others! This painting is the first of the Flower Power series, created one summer on the Ile de Ré, in a temporary workshop. As a beauoucp des toiles XXL, it was used as a set for the Family Portraits by the Studio Karma Milopp, and was later acquired by a Moroccan collector.